Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions which could answer most of your questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

An initial consulation would last about 1 hour and acupuncture treatments generally last about 45 mins. Other Ayurvedic therapies would last from 60 mins to 90 mins.

As the individual results may vary, the results of each patient depends on the response of the treatment offered.

The treatments are acupunture, herbal medicine, massages, ayurvedic therapies to help balance and rejuvenate the body.

A nutrition and dietetic plan would be provided during the consultation which would be based on Chinese medicine principles and Ayurvedic principles.

This is to allow your body to balance itself, improve digestion and to provide the necessary nutritional factors to your body.

The cost for a full course of treatment would vary based on the number of treatments and supplemental therapies needed. This is determined based on the disease and chronicity of the condition.
Typically, the cost of each treatment or a therapy would be from $120 to $150.

We do accept insurances that cover acupuncture. Contact your insurance company to inquire if acupuncture is a covered benefit, or call our office to have us verify your coverage.